Welcome to our brand-new blog Dissert

Yes that’s right Dissert, no, not Desert, even when it might get hot sometimes in here, and no, not Dessert, although we might include some good ones here too.

Dissert comes from Latin and it means to argue, to discuss, to comment, to debate, to develop, to elaborate. In other words, it is opposite to being passive, to refrain, to ignore.

You will find here informal dissertations about different subjects that matter to me, ranging from world politics, to fantastic taste combinations, to the most amazing super heroes.   In this space I will try to give a voice to the wonders and frustrations of everyday life, from being a one-man entrepreneur to finding oneself living on the other side of the world. I will do it in English, for obvious reasons, taking the liberty to express myself sometimes in Spanish if it so feels, and why not, maybe throw in some Swedish too. It won’t be regular, as I have been living in Finland long enough to know that sometimes you just don’t have anything to say, and that’s ok too. Welcome to Dissert.